Friday, March 6, 2009

A veryyy humorous gurindam

This gurindam is very witty, funny one. I read at Dato' A Kadir Jasin' blog, an editor of NST. I would like to share this with all because it made me smile. Hope it also can make all of you smiling or even laughing.

Not a very clever gurindam
By A Kadir Jasin

MY plea to all and sundry
Please continue to debate
On the economy
Spare not our anger and agony
Tell our Menteris and YBs
That we’re fed up with their antics
And their infantile politics.

That applies to YB Karpal Singh
The lion and the king
Who says Khairy’s juvenile
That’s like being a child
Though he’s a grown man
So very sure of himself
And wants to be Perdana Menteri
When he’s forty
So goes the story.

So Khairy the MP says
Karpal the lion is senile
That’s like saying
He’s doddering
Suffering from dementia
Sudah nyanyuk mudah lupa
Not knowing what’s a smile
And what’s a holler.

So Karpal the Lion King
The lawyer of standing
Allegedly called Khairy’s
Youth Wing, celaka
That cuts deeply
For celaka is,
To say the least,
Is most uncomplimentary.

But the Lion has been
Acting strangely
Brooding and angry
With all and sundry
Once he sounded bit
Like a summon from the pulpit
When he told his brother Anwar
To repent and taubat
For encouraging the BN MPs
To lompat lompat.

So someone very nasty
Sent him some bullets
That made the Lion
Pissed and angry.

I would rather
They sent him chocolates
Not threats and bullets
Better boxes of sweet tasty chocolates
What good are the bullets
When there’s no gun to fire?
Boxes of chocolates are much better
Eat too much and you’re sure to expire
From diabetes and high blood pressure
No need bullets and guns for hire.

Khairy does no such thing
Not to his nemesis Mr Karpal Singh
Instead he sent his lethal weapon
Of all the places to the Parliament
To rough up the wheel chair-bound
Veteran lawyer
For calling Umno Youth celaka.

Alas the antics of politics
Does not end there
The road show
Has to continue somewhere
So why not in Ipoh,
Under a shady raintree?

The lesson here
My beloved and my dear,
If any,
Don’t you go cutting those trees
For one day
They may come handy
To convene the sitting of
The State Assembly
When you are in emergency
Because the State Secretariat
Is under lock and key.

So I wonder
Who’ll prevail on the river
And who’ll be kings of the two hills
Between the batang and the bukit
The Pakatan and the Barisan
Have them made.

But mistaken not about the batang
Nothing sinister, nothing vulgar
For batang in Iban language means river
And ai has nothing to do,
If you must know,
With the PKR supremo
To the Ibans
Batang Ai means the big river
Nothing vulgar, nothing sinister.

So much for my not so clever puisi
To be read but not taken seriously
Because I too
Suffer from temporary senility
And, occasionally, insanity
Thanks to the antics of our YBs.

Veryyyyyyyyy witty....maybe we can find the sense in humor (not sense of humor). Hope you have sense of humor.

this is his blog:

The Scribe A Kadir Jasin

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