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The Great Malaysian Brain Drain

Written by Koon Yew Yin
Friday, 10 July 2009 11:37

There is a boy I know who scored 10 A1s. His mother is a primary school teacher and Andrew has two younger brothers. His father, a civil servant, had already passed on by the time the son sat SPM in 2006.

Armed with his excellent result, Andrew applied for a scholarship to study mechanical engineering. The government rejected his application. Petronas rejected his application too. Can you imagine how disappointed and frustrated he was?

As soon as I learned of Andrew's difficulty, I offered him financial assistance to do accountancy in Utar. He has been scoring top marks in every exam to earn a scholarship from the university. Although Andrew is now exempted from paying fees, I still bank him RM400 a month to cover cost of living.

I have given assistance and allowances to more than 40 poor students to study in Utar in Kampar, Perak. Andrew is typical of their calibre; he prefers to get what is his due on merit, and his university has deservingly waived his fees.

On my part, I expect nothing from those that I've supported except for them in future to help young people in similar circumstances, and to hope that they will all stay back in
Malaysia so that they can lend their talents to building up our nation.

Asean (mainly M'sian!) Scholarships: Our brains, their gain

There are others that have deeper pockets who have extended a helping hand to our youngsters. One of them offers the cost of school and exam fees, hostel accommodation, RM5,800 a year for expenses, RM1,200 settling-in allowance, and transport/air ticket. Furthermore, the recipient is not bonded. Or in other words, the giver asks for nothing back.

I'm talking about the pre-university Asean scholarship extended to Malaysians by 'the little red dot'

Of course,
Singapore is not doing it for purely altruistic reasons. The country is giving these much coveted Asean scholarships to build up her national bank of talent. Some Malaysians accuse them of 'poaching' the crème de la creme of our youngsters. I don't look at it as poaching. Their far-sighted government is doing it in their national interest.

And why not?
Singapore can afford it. It has three times our GDP per capita. On another comparative note, the GDP per capita of Taiwan and South Korea are 2.5 times and double ours respectively. Before the NEP's introduction in 1970, the four countries were at parity.

The big question is why are we surrendering our assets which Malaysian parents have nurtured but the state neglected?

Tens of thousands of young Malaysians have left our shores on the Asean scholarship. I am not sure if
Singapore is willing to give out the figure. But I am pretty sure the Malaysian authorities do not give two hoots about this, whatever number they may have arrive at. If they do, there seems to be no policy change to stem the outflow.

Malaysia is optimistically indifferent to the continuous brain drain, little caring that it is detrimental to our aspiration of becoming a developed country (I hate to say this) like Singapore.

Behaving like a failed state

Consider this startling statistic: There are more Sierra Leonean doctors working in hospitals in the city of
Chicago than in their own homeland. More Malawian nurses in Manchester than in Malawi. Africa's most significant export to Europe and the United States is trained professionals, not petroleum, gold and diamond.

The educated African migration is definitely retarding the progress of every country in
Africa. Today, one in three African university graduates, and 50,000 doctoral holders now live and work outside Africa. Sixty-four percent of Nigerians in the USA has one or more university degrees.

If we carry out a study, we are likely to find a very large number of non-Malay graduates emigrating to
Singapore, Australia and other countries that is proportionately similar to the African exodus. However the compulsion is different, seeing as how some African countries are war-torn and famished which is certainly not the case with Malaysia.

The push factors for our own brain drain lie in NEP policy and this needs to be addressed with urgency.

State Ideology: Be grateful you're Malaysian

Try putting yourself in the shoes of an 18-year-old. This young Malaysian born in 1991 is told that Umno was very generous in granting citizenship to his non-Malay forefathers in 1957. Thus as a descendant of an immigrant community - one should be forever grateful and respect the 'social contract'.

Gratitude is demanded by the state while little is reciprocated. Under the NEP - and some say this policy represents the de facto social contract - every single Vice Chancellor of every single Malaysian public university is Malay.

Promotion prospects for non-Malay lecturers to full professorship or head of department are very dim, hence we have the dichotomy of non-Malays predominant in private colleges while correspondingly, the academic staff of public institutions proliferate with Malays.

The civil service is staffed predominantly by Malays too, and overwhelmingly in the top echelons. The government-linked corporations have been turned into a single race monopoly. Hence is it any surprise that almost all the scholarships offered by government and GLCs seem to be reserved for Malays?

Youngsters from the minority communities see that Malays are the chosen ones regardless of their scholastic achievement and financial position. Some are offered to do a Master even though they did not even apply (but the quota is there to be filled, so these disinterested Malays are approached).

Our lesson today is ...

How the government apparatus conducts itself and the consequences of its policy implementation will upset an individual's innate sense of justice.

The government pays about RM1.8 billion in annual salaries to teachers. A child is taught moral studies in class but he learns in life that adults condone and conspire to immorality by perpetuating the unfairness and injustice which impacts on
Malaysia's young.

On the other hand, the favoured group is given more than their just desserts without either merit or need. When one is bred to think that privilege is only his rightful entitlement, we would not expect this young person to pay back to society in return.

Our Malaysian education system has been flip-flopped, pushed and pulled this way and that until standards dropped to alarming levels. The passing mark for subjects in public exams have fallen notoriously low while the increasing number of distinctions have risen fatuously high with SPM students notching 14As, 17As and 21As.

With top scorers aplenty, there will not be enough scholarships to go around now that the Education Ministry has decided to put a cap on the SPM, limiting takers to 10 subjects.

The human factor

It's unrealistic that the education system can be effectively overhauled. Even tweaking one aspect of it, such as the language switch for Math and English, created havoc.

It's not that our educational framework is so bad as after all, a lot of study and planning did go into it. It's only when the politicians dictate from on high and overrule the better judgment of the educationists – Dr Mahathir Mohamad being case in point - that we slide deeper into the doldrums.

The politicization of education and the hijacking of the country's educational agenda has clearly cost us heavily in terms of policy flip flops and plummeting standards, and the loss of a good part of our young and talented human resources.

Matters become worse when Little Napoleons too take it upon themselves to interfere with teachers. For instance, the serial number assigned candidates when they sit public exams. Why is a student's race encoded in the number? What does his ethnicity have to do with his answer script?

There is further suspicion that the stacks of SPM papers are not distributed to examiners entirely at random (meaning ideally examiners should be blind to which exam centres the scripts they're marking have originated from).

A longstanding complaint from lecturers is that they are pressured to pass undergrads who are not up to the mark, and having to put up with mediocre ones who believe they are 'A' material after being spoilt in mono-racial schools.

Letting teachers do their job properly and allowing them to grade their students honestly would arrest the steep erosion of standards. And unless we are willing to be honest brokers in seeking a compromise and adjustment, the renewed demonizing of vernacular schools is merely mischievous. Either accept their existence or integrate the various types of schools.

But are UiTM and its many branch campuses throughout the length and breadth of the country, Mara Junior Science Colleges and the residential schools willing to open their doors to all on the basis of meritocracy if Chinese, Tamil, and not forgetting religious schools, were abolished? Not open to a token few non-Bumiputera but genuinely open up and with the admission numbers posted in a transparent manner.

Finally, there are teachers genuinely passionate about their profession. There are promising teachers fresh out of training college who are creative and capable of inspiring their students. It's not only Form 5 students who have been demoralized. Teachers are human capital that we seem to have overlooked in the present controversy.

Conclusion: Ensuring fairness for the future well-being of our young

A segment of Johoreans cross the Causeway daily to attend school in
Singapore. Many continue their tertiary education in Singapore which has among the top universities in the world. Eventually, they work in Singapore and benefit Singapore.

Ask around among your friends and see who hasn't got a child or a sibling who is now living abroad as a permanent resident.

I can't really blame them for packing up and packing it in, can you? It's simply critical at this juncture that we don't let our kids lose hope and throw in the towel. The system might be slower to reform but mindsets at least can be changed easier.

It starts with the teachers, the educationists and the people running the education departments and implementing the policies. Please help Malaysian youngsters realise their full potential. Just try a little fairness first.

Personal Note:

Readers may be interested to know that I have four children all of whom are accomplished in their respective fields. Three of them are part of the brain drain and have elected to settle down abroad; only one is back in

My son who has double degrees in civil engineering and chartered accountancy is an investor in
Canada. He could be here to create hundreds of jobs to enrich Malaysia but he has been so disgusted with our policies and their implementation that he has chosen not to return.

I am sure that there are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of similar young Malaysians that our country has lost, no thanks to our short-sighted education and NEP policies. And yet the Government is so keen to attract foreign investors. Where is the logic and rationality?

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Blood Clots/Strokes-Tongue is New 4th Indicator(Please Read)

Blood Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the Tongue

I will continue to forward this every time it comes around!

STROKE:Remember the 1st Three Letters....S.T.R.

My nurse friend sent this and encouraged me to post it and spread the word.
I agree.

If everyone can remember something this simple, we could save some folks.

Please read:


During a BBQ, a friend stumbled and took a little fall - she assured everyone that she was fine (they offered to call paramedics) .she said she had just tripped over a brick because of her new shoes..

They got her cleaned up and got her a new plate of food. While she appeared a bit shaken up, Ingrid went about enjoying herself the rest of the evening Ingrid 's husband called later telling everyone that his wife had been taken to the hospital - (at 6:00 pm Ingrid passed away.) She had suffered a stroke at the BBQ. Had they known how to identify the signs of a stroke, perhaps Ingrid would be with us today. Some don't die. they end up in a helpless, hopeless condition instead.

It only takes a minute to read this...

A neurologist says that if he can get to a stroke victim within 3 hours he can totally reverse the effects of a stroke...totally. He said the trick was getting a stroke recognized, diagnosed, and then getting the patient medically cared for within 3 hours, which is tough.


Thank God for the sense to remember the '3' steps, STR . Read and Learn!

Sometimes symptoms of a stroke are difficult to identify. Unfortunately, the lack of awareness spells disaster. The stroke victim may suffer severe brain damage when people nearby fail to recognize the symptoms of a stroke.

Now doctors say a bystander can recognize a stroke by asking three simple questions:

S *Ask the individual to SMILE.
T *Ask the person to TALK and SPEAK A SIMPLE SENTENCE (Coherently) (i.e. It is sunny out today.)
R *Ask him or her to RAISE BOTH ARMS.

If he or she has trouble with ANY ONE of these tasks, call emergency number immediately and describe the symptoms to the dispatcher.

New Sign of a Stroke -------- Stick out Your Tongue

NOTE: Another 'sign' of a stroke is this: Ask the person to 'stick' out his tongue.. If the tongue is 'crooked', if it goes to one side or the other, that is also an indication of a stroke.

A cardiologist says if everyone who gets this e-mail sends it to 10 people; you can bet that at least one life will be saved.

I have done my part. Will you?

"Hidup ibarat kamera, hadapilah ia dengan senyuman!"

Mutiara Kata
"Hidup ibarat kamera, hadapilah ia dengan senyuman!"

- George Washington

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Dibunuh Kerana Bertudung, Mengapa Berita Ini Ditutup?


Seorang wanita Muslim Mesir di bunuh di dalam mahkahmah Jerman, apa anda fikir?

Kisah menyanyat hati ini berlaku minggu lepas. Kisahnya begini, seorang muslimat Mesir di Jerman, Marwa Al-Sherbini, yang pada Ogos 2008 telah memfailkan saman kepada jirannya yang menggelarnya sebagai 'Terrorist', kerana beliau berhijab. Diulang, beliau digelar 'Pengganas', kerana beliau B.E.R.T.UD.U. N.G. !!

Maka setelah mendengar hujah kedua-dua pihak pada Rabu minggu lepas, mahkamah mendapati lelaki, yakni jiran kepada Marwa tadi bersalah, dan dikehendaki membayar denda 2800 Euro.

Anda tau apa berlaku sesudah itu?

Lelaki ini telah menerkam ke arah Marwa, dan menikam mangsa 18 kali!! Ya, anda tak salah baca, memang 18 kali, dan yang paling teruk, Marwa ditikam sehingga mati, sambil beliau memeluk anaknya.
Dan Marwa ketika itu mengandung 4bulan...tragis bukan?
However last Wednesday, Alex stabbed her 18 times to death in a German courtroom after the judges announced she won the case against him, and that he had to pay 2,800 Euros as a fine for his previous insults. Lagi di sini.
Belum cukup tragis, ada lagi. Suami Marwar yang melihat isterinya ditikam terus menerkam ke arah lelaki tadi, dan....

...akhirnya suaminya juga ditikam 3 kali. Nah. Tidak cukup dengan itu, pengawal keselamatan yang 'melihat' kejadian tadi telah bertindak menembak suami Marwar. Nah... ini baru betul2 tragis.

Sekarang anda fikir, bagaimana logik seorang perempuan ditikam 18kali di dalam mahkamah, tanpa ada seorang pun yang bertindak menyelamatkan wanita ini, melainkan suaminya, yang akhirnya berkesudahan ditembak.

Logik atau tidak anda mengambil masa hanya 1 saat untuk menikam 18 kali? Cuba anda tikam angin 18 kali, berapa lama masa yang anda ambil, tikam secepat mungkin. Malah 1 saat untuk 1 tikaman pun sukar dicapai. Maka tidakkah anda terfikir kenapa reaksi manusia di situ terlalu lembab? Bengong bukan.

Seorang pemerhati telah berkata tentang suami Marwa, "Dia bukan seorang yang berambut perang, jadi dia tentu penyerangnya." Ya, ini logik pada pandangan mereka. Tapi sesekali tidak bagi kita.

Itu isu pertama, isu kedua adalah mengapa seakannya media barat cuba menutup isu ini. Langsung tidak dihebohkan. Adakah kerana darah orang Islam tidak sama dengan darah mereka? Ermm.. logik bukan. Hanya orang yang gila sahaja percaya ini.

Mungkin ada antara yang membaca entri ini berfikir bahawa ini hanya isu kecil, mengapa perlu dihebohkan. Ada bukan? Ini bukan soal peka semata-mata, cuba anda fikir, kalau Marwa boleh ditikam 18 kali dalam mahkamah, 'tanpa disedari' maka adakah mungkin mereka2 ini menyedari pembunuhan demi pembunuhan yang berlaku nun di Gaza, di Tebing Barat, di Darfur, dan yang terbaru di China. Atau ada antara anda yang masih tidak tahu saudara kita dibunuh di China . Ya, logik la sikit kalau anda tidak tahu, sebab semua pembunuhan tadi berlaku di luar mahkamah.

Di angkat dari:
http://artofthought s.blogspot. com/2009/ 07/soerang- wanita-muslim- mesir-di- bunuh-di. html

Komen Blog Ibnu Hasyim: Sila panjangkan cerita ini supaya kebenaran itu terserlah. Ingat Rasulullah SAW pernah pertahankan aurat wanita rakyatnya hingga keperingkat negara, begitu juga zaman pemerintahan selepasnya. Contohnya zaman pemerintahan Al-Muktasim, Khalifah sanggup menghantar angkatan tentera hanya kerana aurat seorang Muslimah, begitu juga dalam sejarah Islam masuk ke India juga ada kena mengena dengan aurat seorang Muslimah. Soal maruah dan penghinaan agama bukan soal kecil! Mati syahid dalam mempertahankan maruah agama yang diinjak-injak atau dipijak-dipijak.

Posted by Ibnu Hasyim

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Penyakit thalassemia

Hari tu aku ada janji nak post kan isu ni.
Hmm tanda-tanda yang cousin aku dapat bila dia kena penyakit ni:

Cousin aku kerap demam. Dalam sebulan ada sampai 3-4 kali demam. Memang kesian kat Mak Na aku yang risau kan anak perempuan tunggal dia.

Bila dapat kesan penyakit ni?
Hmm penyakit ni dapat dikesan masa umur cousin aku 4 tahun. Bila dia kerap demam, doktor yang selalu merawat dia mintak pakcik and makcik aku rujuk ke Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Pastu disahkan penyakit ni.

Penyakit ni penyakit keturunan ke?
Menurut doktor, penyakit ni memang keturunan. Walaupun makcik dan pakcik aku sihat, kemungkinan salah seorang daripada mereka adalah pembawa. Sampai sekarang ni pun, tak tahu siapa yang jadi pembawa coz menurut keturunan masing-masing takde la pulak yang mengidap penyakit ni. Tak bermakna mak and ayah aktif dalam sukan, penyakit ni hilang coz makcik and pakcik aku ni polis.

Mesti ada yang terjejas kan...

- Yup ada yang terjejas. Well for me it is suffering lah. Cuba korang bayangkan, cousin aku yang kecik ni terpaksa carry with her ubat. Waktu malam dia kena inject dengan jarum, dan ada ubat yang disalurkan ke badan dia sepanjang dia tidur. Makcik aku terpaksa wat poket khas untuk lekatkan kat badan dia, nak letak mesin kecik (aku panggil alat ni mesin, tapi tah apa je coz benda ni yang akan salur ubat tu perlahan-lahan kat badan dia).

- Setiap bulan dia terpaksa ke hospital untuk mengambil darah. Darah cousin aku darah O sama dengan darah aku la ni. Sebab tu aku fikir aku patut derma darah untuk orang-orang yang memerlukan. Pakcik aku panggil dia PGL, Puteri Gunung Ledang coz PGL pun mintak darah sebagai hantaran and cousin aku ni pulak setiap bulan kena menerima ehsan orang untuk bagi darah kat dia.

- Cousin aku tak boleh aktif. kesian dia, memang tak boleh nak aktif, lari-lari ke memang dapat pelepasan dari pihak sekolah. Walaupun dia suka main terpaksa dikurangkan.

- Umur cousin aku sekarang dalam 9 tahun dah sekarang. Badan dia kurus tinggi. Maybe tinggi ikut keturunan coz pakcik and makcik aku memang tinggi, tahu-tahu je la polis...

Cost ubat?

- Apa yang aku tahu, memang cost untuk ubat ni mahal (ubat yang disalurkan ke badan cousin aku setiap malam tu lah). So dapat bantuan kerajaan coz pakcik and makcik aku keja government. Er kalau tak salah aku 1tiub ubat dia dalam RM 100 jugak.

Puteri tunggal kesayangan keluarga Azman and Zarina : Nur Azlin, my cousin

PGL yang selalu dimanja oleh abang-abangnya. Suka membuli abang-abangnya memandangkan dia disayangi keluarga, manja and keletah ;-)

Cara menjimatkan minyak kereta or apa-apa saja kenderaan

Aku banyak la belajar pasal kereta ni. Aku belajar dari ayah aku (pakcik Aziz) and pakcik aku (Ayah Su sebelah mak aku) dan kawan aku (Dilla).

- Ayah punya idea: bawak kereta jangan laju. Mesti kurang dari 80 kilometer per jam. Kalau bawak kereta laju, kereta pakai minyak dengan banyak.

Alasan dari otak aku: ces cakap je la ayah takut aku bawak laju. Takut aku accident, ye la aku kan anak pompuan tunggal dia (perasan la pulak, memang semua ibu bapa sayang anak lah)

Lawak jenaka aku: masa kat highway, try bawak tak sampai 80 km/jam dengan jalan yang boleh muat 1kenderaan je tuk setiap hala. Huahaha mesti bengkak je hati pemandu kat belakang, apa ingat ko punya kereta tu trailer ke, lembab nak mampus!@#$&^%$#

Ayah Su punya pendapat: Cuba pastikan tangki minyak kereta sentiasa full/ penuh.

Alasan dari otak aku: takut abis minyak kat highway sebab time aku ikut Ayah Su aku ni, kitaorang on the way to KL from KB.

Lawak jenaka aku: Kalau jumpa stesen minyak je, isi, jumpa je isi. Walaupun tak sampai lima hinggit isi minyak kereta.

Dilla punya geliga: jangan pasang air-cond.

Alasan otak aku: hisk budak ni, kata je la hang tak tahan sejuk. Huhuhu aku kepanasan looo.

Lawak jenaka aku: ha try la buka tingkap kat jalan sesak ni, sudut asap je lah nanti. Gerenti serobong hidung tu ada taik hidung warna hitam. Hahaha.

*Aku punya idea: aku selalunya memang takkan follow idea diorang kerana aku suka drive 100-120km/jam. Tak suka buka tingkap coz aku suka dengar lagu, kalau buka tingkap kurang dengar music and takkan la nak memekak sampai orang dengar. Kena la hormat pemandu yang lain, karang ada yang kata berlagak pulak macam aku sorang je ada radio! Lagipun kat bandar memang banyak pencemaran. Yang ayah Su punya idea, pulak memang aku malas nak ikut coz aku sekali isi RM50, so bila dah nak dekat kering baru aku pegi isi balik. Malas aku nak melawat banyak kali stesen minyak nih.

Kisah Derma Darah aku yang kali ni tragis sikit LOL!!!!

Dah berhari-hari aku terfikir nak ke Canselori, ada program derma darah. Aku dah lama tak derma darah. Last sekali aku derma masa tahun 2007. bukan aku tak nak derma, tapi bila hidup bergantung dengan ubat memanjang mana boleh derma. So now i’m free from medicine, boleh la derma.

Hari ni memang bersemangat lah aku, abis class and discussion. Balik rumah dulu, lepas makan tengahari dalam pukul 2 aku keluar rumah. Dalam pukul 2 lebih aku sampai kat bangunan Canselori, ramai juga orang nak derma darah. Bukan jauh pun rumah sewa dengan UPSI, tapi aku menyinggah isi minyak kereta, baru tanya aini stesen minyak petronas tadi.

First kena check darah, tinggi ke rendah. Ok aku punya darah tinggi sedikit dari biasa memandangkan aku kurang tido semalam. Semalam aku tido pukul 3, tu pun memang paksa sikit la coz mata rasa best je semalam nak mencelikkan dirinya.

Ok ni syarat untuk derma darah:

- tidak mengambil sebarang ubat (dah berhenti ambil ubat bulan April 2009; baru ni la)

- tido cukup 5 jam (doktor yang tanya aku pulak tanya cukup 6 jam ke tak. Aku tak mengaku pun tido kurang. Semalam aku tido 3 jam je)

- berat tak kurang dari 45 kilogram (aku memang terlebih cukup)

- bukan dalam haid (hehehe aku cuti tapi tak cakap)

- kali akhir derma darah mesti 3 bulan lepas. (aku punya memang beberapa tahun lepas)

- tiada masalah kesihatan seperti hepatitis, kencing manis or ada beberapa lagi senarai lain. ( no hal aku memang takde penyakit macam tu)

- tidak ada hubungan rambang (memang tak dak)

Apa lagi ditanya?

- dalam masa 6 bulan ni ada pergi ke luar negara ke tak? (takut ada kes H1N1)

- keturunan kencing manis or darah tinggi or hepatitis? (hmm aku cakap la yang ayah aku je ada darah tinggi)

- pernah kena tahan di wad dalam 6 bulan ni? (bakal kena check in kat hospital 25hb July nanti, tapi memang aku takkan cakap lah)

apa kesannya bila aku kelentong banyak perkara di atas?

- badan aku jadi sensitif sebab tak cukup tido, bila nurse cucuk jarum, aku rasa sakit lain dari pengalaman lepas, terasa jarumnya. So apa lagi kena cabut and cucuk sekali lagi lah. Kali ni aku dah tahu yang aku lebih sensitif, terpaksa la aku bohong yang aku dah tak sakit. Padahal memang sakit macam yang first tadi jugak. AKU KENA 2 KALI CUCUK! (PADAN MUKA!!!)

- bila jarum dah nak ditanggalkan dari badan aku (dah cukup darah dia ambil). Masa ni aku rasa macam nak vomit je, aku berjaya bertahan.

- Rasa berpinau jugak la mata ni, otak pun macam tak cukup oksigen je dah.

- Lepas baring yang agak lama, aku dengan lagak beraninya cuba bangun. Ok so aku duduk dulu kat atas katil, rasa berpinau hilang la sikit, tapi sikit je lah. Tengok ramai orang still tunggu giliran dan aku nak berkejar ke aktiviti padang, aku kuatkan semangat.

- Macam biasa bila dah derma darah, diorang suruh minum and makan dulu. Penambah tenaga la kan. Baru dua teguk aku minum, rasa nak muntah datang lagi. Lepas tu datang la sorang pembantu, pihak U punya kot, dia kata muka aku pucat. Aku rasa pulak rasa muka aku macam darah serbu kat muka? Tah la aku bukan arif sangat bab ni, coz aku tak tengok sendiri. Mata aku start berpinau balik dah, nak pitam. Ok kakak tu pimpin aku ke katil lagi, tapi aku ni jenis suka berdikari (hmm nak tunjuk aku kuat lagi lah) aku jalan sendiri, masa nak sampai kat katil tu, memang aku dah nampak tak nampak dah coz suma dah jadi putih dah, terus aku landing, tak peduli bantal kat mana dah. Nurse yang letak bantal kat aku.

- Kelas pukul 4, aku still kat katil nih. So aku call Didi suh dia bungkus track suit aku dengan baju ukm. 15 minutes lagi, boleh kot jap lagi aku bangun.

Berjaya jugak aku join akiviti padang. Kena pergi minggu ni coz minggu lepas dah ponteng. Walaupun kepala kurang betul, selamat la cuaca tak panas and aktiviti hari ni duduk je. Hehehe.

*moral of the story, korang jangan nak kelentong doktor nanti jadi macam aku. Tapi aku sampai ke akhir aku tak keluarkan apa-apa kenyataan yang bercanggah dengan apa syarat dia mintak. Tangan aku still bengkak bekas kena cucuk dua batang jarum. Tu pun tak termasuk 1 batang jarum ubat. So ari ni aku kena 3 jarum. 2 keluar darah, 1 masuk ubat.

*info sikit: bila kita tak cukup tido, badan kita akan jadi lebih sensitif. Contohnya, bila sound radio dah cukup rendah untuk orang lain, kita still rasa ianya berbunyi kuat dan menyakitkan telinga. Kulit akan jadi lebih sensitif.

Ha lupa nak cakap, JARUM DERMA DARAH MEMANG BESAR OOOO... cam jarum nak buat ujian B.O.D kat sekolah dulu je. Aku sebenarnya takut jarumm dulu masa wat ujian B.O.D memang kena usik dek kengkawan aku lah. Dia kejar aku dengan jarum, memang haru oooo. Selamat tak tertikam sesama sendiri. Aku dulu kaki kacau orang, buli sikit-sikit dengan kawan sekelas je, kaki mengenakan orang so memang dikenakan balik bila diorang ada peluang kenakan aku.

Now aku still takut jarum tapi aku kalau boleh nak tolong orang yang memerlukan. Hmm maybe boleh menyelamatkan nyawa orang or darah tu dapat kat cousin aku. One of my cousin ada penyakit .... kesian dia sebab every month kena ambil darah kat hospital. Lain kali aku cerita pasal dia ye.

Bt Fraser(jalan ular ke jalan maut) +Sungai Perlak+ beruk/kera/monyet (pilih la)

12 July 2009
semalam tido pukul 5 pagi ,what you espect me to do? memang kalau boleh nak bangun lewat la kan. hmm ayah nak hantar aku. kesian dia, aku sayangggggggg ayah. hehehe dia terlalu manja kan aku.
Ok back to the story, dalam pukul 12 kami bertolak termasuk la adik aku. Ayah ajak lalu jalan bukit Fraser. Ok, so kitaorang try la jalan tu. Nak tahu? Jalannya teruk oooo..bukan macam ular kena palu or lingkar ular tapi macam ular yang kena ikat bentuk ribbon, bayangkan la jalannya yang banyak selekoh and sempit kat atas bukit. Banyak je kawasan yang ada potensi menjadi kawasan tanah runtuh. Huhuhu ayah aku pulak pecut, memang gerun takut jatuh gaung. 60 km per jam. Laju jugak untuk kawasan yang macam tu.
Selekoh memang banyak lah, tak usah nak kira, memang meter tak leh naik hingga seratus lah, kalau naik grenti dah arwah dah kot. Pemandangan memang banyak tempat cantik. Ada jugak air terjun tapi aku tak dapat nak hayati pemandangan sebab kecut perut giler dengan jalan dia. Selekoh yang terlindung dengan kawasan bukit... bayangkan lah, kalau bertembung, memang arwah dah. Aku berani kata kalau orang yang drive kat situ boleh jejak hingga seratus km/hour memang dia layak masuk Fomula 1 lah, jalan dia ada jugak selekoh maut lagi dasat dari Formula one kat Sepang tu, dah la jarak selekoh dekat-dekat. Jarak antara selekoh dalam 20meter je dengan selekoh yang lain.
Memang serik nak lalu jalan tu lagi. Aku yang mula-mula naik bukit tu mengantuk tahap dewa ke-12 memang terus segar-bugar dengan kelajuan and selekoh and cerun bukit. Nak sampai atas memakan masa yang lama. Masuk dua-dua; turun and naik bukit memang lebih 1 jam lah jugak.
Pastu kitaorang lalu kawasan tasik tadahan air kat Sungai Perlak, memang cantik and ramai orang datang tengok kawasan tu.
Haaa masa nak naik bukit ada kera masa atas bukit ada beruk, aku mula-mula mana la tahu beza dua menatang nih. Ayah aku kata beruk ekor pendek dari ekor kera. Hmm aku tak reti lah nak nilai. Hmm camne lak dengan monyet dan lotong ye? Aku rasa lebih kurang jugak. Selamat la gorila and Orang Utan boleh beza lagi. Hmm ingat tak kat menatang yang nama Yeti? Hmm dulu glamor gak orang ramai jumpa.
Tiap kali ada ayah hantar grenti aku dapat belajar ilmu baru. Tengok ari ni aku dah tahu macam mana nak nilai beruk and kera. Masa aku dapat keja kat Kelantan aku belajar hulu dan hilir, pastu beberapa words dialek Kelantan yang aku tak paham. Hmm yang problem nye aku dah lupa semula dah hulu mana and hilir mana. selamat la ja'tuh dan na'ik aku ingat lagi, ja'tuh maksud nye matahari jatuh lah. Tapi hulu hilir ni aku tak tau mana nak check,takkan nak tengok sungai je, air mengalir belah mana kan? Kot air mengalir dari matahari naik, apa aku nak cakap, na'aik or hulu or hilir? hmm so still blur gak aku ni.

Baju Kurung favorite aku kena curi dek orang!@#$ sakit hati, kecik hati dengan pencuri tu!@#$%^

Today, I feel bad. My bad day. Aku tido kejap, take nap lepas class pukul 10. Masa aku sampai rumah, rasanya ada lagi la baju aku kat ampaian, aku tak perasan lak. Aku ada class lagi at 2 o'clock.
Lepas bangun tido, bersiap apa suma. Aku turun bawah, keluar je dari pintu rumah... automatically aku tengok kat ampaian... what I saw? One of my favorite clothes, my favorite lovely, beautiful, comfort baju kurung moden gone. Masa aku hang kat ampaian tu aku dah ada instinct yang baju kurung aku bakal hilang.
Malam masa jemur baju tu dah wat monolog dalaman dah, cam ni bunyinye 'Hmm kat UKM ada orang yang suka ambil baju kurung orang, hmm agak-agak ada jugak ke kat sini, baju ni cantik. Hmm sangkut je lah'. Memang kecik hati gile aku dengan orang yang stole my lovely fav baju kurung tu. Aku pilih sendiri baju kurung tu warna coklat tanah, ayah aku mintak aku ambil blue but aku rasa tanah lagi cantik. Aku beli kain tu kat Nilai, memang sengaja aku minta mak aku wat baju kurung moden dengan kain tu. Hmm tah mana la pergi nye kain aku tu. Hope orang tu just pinjam dan pulangkan semula walaupun hati aku kata aku tak mungkin jumpa baju tu lagi.
Kenapa something we love so much, gone or broken? Semua benda aku sayang akan musnah, hmm ingat jugak kat buku Anak-anak Sidek, aku ada semua siri dia tapi dah kena bantai dek anai-anai. Tu belum kira buku Ujang, Gila-Gila lagi yang mak aku dah bagi kat jiran-jiran aku. Hmm well I really love books, kalau aku ada boyfriend, aku tak nak dia bagi hadiah teddy bear or apa-apa anak patung or bunga, tapi bagi aku buku, coz I really love it, bau kertas bagi aku cukup best, tetiba ingat library UKM yang aku suka dok kat celah-celah rak atau buka buku besar yang bau bukunya lagi kuat.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Memonteng 15 minit...

Mengantuk tahap siput nak tido aku dibuatnya dok dalam kelas En Liew ni. Hadoi la, nama je mengajar untuk mendidik cikgu-cikgu tapi dia langsung tak mempraktikan apa yang diajar. Ada ke patut dia mengajar sambil duduk dan bercakap dengan mengunakan suara berbual kosong; monotonoes tone. Memang maut aku dibuatnya. Huhuhu aku memang lupa dia yang mengajar subjek ni. Kalau la aku ingat bawa novel ke apa-apa buku, boleh aku baca. Jelous aku dengan Didi coz dia bawa novel. Memang malang la. Bosan tahap apa tah aku nak cakap. Ramai jugak la cikgu-cikgu yang tersengguk-sengguk kat belakang ni,ada yang siap tido gaya ’major-general’ or dalam bahasa kelantan ’mejar genera’ tuk orang yang tido dengan gaya meletakkan kepala atas meja, tetiba je pangkat korang yang cikgu-cikgu ni naik ye. Hehehe.

So mesti korang nak tahu aku buat apa kan. Hehehe, ada je alternative lain. Aku pun apa lagi, dengar celoteh JJ and Ian kat radio Hitz fm lah tuk mencelikkan mata ni. Dengan acara mengenakan orang and orang yang nak tunjuk bakat jadi komentar sukan bola sepak. Hehehe kelako je dengar dorang punya gaya.

Pastu aku main message dengan Miza. Menanyakan mana la tempat avon kat tanjung malim nih. Huhuhu. Dengan mengomen pasal lecturer yang membuatkan aku mengantuk tahap siput babi dah. Tak lupa jugak aku mintak nota dia kot dia ada lagi simpanan nota lama-lama dia. Dia on the way nak ke class dia jugak time tu.

Dah abis gaya dah aku nak stay awake nih, tetiba perut aku berbunyi, hehehe. Lapo’ la pulak. Daripada dengar lecture yang mengantuk nih, aku pecut pegi makan la kan. So jumpa la member baru yang dok melepak sambil nanti class, aku berborak sekejap dengan dia.

What surprise me? Ha aku jumpa awek abang aku la kan. Sepanjang aku kat sini, ni la pertama kali aku jumpa dia, just angkat tangan je even jarak kita orang tak sampai 2 meter pun. Dok berborak dengan member baru aku ni. Dalam 15 minit je aku monteng, makan-makan ni, pastu aku pecut balik pergi class.

Still aku tak tegur awek abang aku ni. Hmm kecik hati aku dengan perangai dia sebenarnya. Cara dia treat abang aku memang mengecik dan menyakitkan hati aku je. Huhuhu. Bila dah semua family member dah approve dia, dia wat hal la pulak. Ayah aku memang langsung tak cerewet lah, er ada jugak cerewet dia. Tapi bila dia treat abang aku macam ‘ni’ memang takde nye kita orang nak sokong lagi. Memang aku berdoa semoga diorang putus la kan.

Kumpul kengkawan lama kat sini (kisah UPSI)

bangunan Proton di Proton City khas tuk DPLI students

Hmm banyak yang berlaku dalam hidup aku sejak akhir-akhir ni. Semuanya memang menarik jugak. Hehehe. Aku daftar masuk DPLI pada 2hb July 2009 kat kolej Aminuddin Baki. So aku nampak la beberapa orang kengkawan masa sekolah dulu kala muncul kembali dalam hidup aku ni. Siapa? Hmm Hadi kurus (kawan form 4 & 5 & 6) Ana (kawan form 6,sekelas dengan Dee) Elly (kawan form 6;aku baru jumpa masa minggu kedua nih), Nik Suhairi yang memang student UPSI (kawan yang tolong aku masa aku nak photocopy kat sini lah, bagi aku kad fotostat hehehe) thanks ye kawan!

Kawan kat UKM dulu usah cerita la, memang berlambak. Coursemate aku dah 6orang (E-lite) termasuk aku. Satu pusat, budak ELS=3 orang. yang senior ada jugak UKM pusat sama pun ada jugak sorang. Hmm memang laku la student UKM ni, bayangkan la daripada 18orang budak TESL sekarang ni 10orang budak UKM! hehehe.

Kengkawan yang satu kolej pulak aku dapat cam macam Kak Ma, and dua tiga orang lagi yang tak ingat namanya. Yang satu fakulti pulak aku ada nampak Ikin sains pembangunan. ramai ooo.. UPSI amik budak DPLI seramai 2500 orang!! paling ramai dalam Malaysia ni. Tu pun sebenarnya KPM minta suruh amik 4000 orang tapi memandangkan tenaga pengajar tak mencukupi terpaksa la amik sikit je. Kesian yang terpaksa ditolak tu ye...

Kitaorang belajar kat bangunan Proton yang cantik lahhhhhhhh..hehehe

Dalam suka ada duka...(takziah untuk sahabat aku Shafiza)

Aku daftar DPLI hari ni, mak and ayah yang hantar aku. Aku sayang mereka! Thanks coz always love and care and help me. Ye la walaupun tu tanggungjawab diorang tapi aku still terharu, hope so one day aku boleh membalas jasa mereka coz orang selalu cakap susah nak balas jasa orang tua kita ’ ibu bapa boleh jaga anak sampai berbelas-belas orang selama berbelas atau puluh tahun tapi anak yang seramai tu belum tentu dapat menjaga ibu bapa walau tak sampai berpuluh-puluh tahun’. Jangan la aku tergolong dalam golongan anak yang tidak mengenang jasa dan berat tulang. insyaAllah, memang impian aku untuk ’membeli syurga’ buat kedua ibu bapa aku. Harap aku tercapai lah sebelum mereka meninggalkan dunia ni atau sebelum mereka tidak larat lagi. Aku cuba nak bagi sedikit apa yang termampu dibuat aku. Aku amalkan bismillah 21 kali sebelum tido dengan harapan setiap nafas aku, ibu dan bapa aku dapat pahalanya.

Hmm malam hari pendaftaran, jumpa semua geng aku kat sini. Cerita sedih sampai kat telinga aku, kawan baik aku... (tarik nafas panjang...) ayah dia meninggal dunia petang tadi dalam pukul 6.30 petang sebab mengalami sesak nafas. Hmm arwah pakcik memang hisap rokok. Menitik air mata aku mendengarnya. Last aku tengok ayah dia hari tu sihat je.

Masa baca message Sha terus aku ingat ayah aku, aku doakan semoga ayah aku, umurnya panjang. Biarlah aku dapat membalas jasa ibu bapa aku, aku nak beri mereka syurga...

Sedih hati aku bila ingat yang keluarga kawan aku ni tiada ahli lelaki yang lain untuk menolong. Sedih bila ingat kawan aku yang bakal kahwin pada raya kelima nanti tanpa wali ayah. Kepada best friend aku, Shafiza semoga sha tabah menghadapi hidup ni.

Aku harap sangat kepada kaum lelaki terutamanya jangan la merokok, kesian la kat keluarga yang memerlukan korang. Ye la aku tahu korang nak cakap ajal maut kat tangan Tuhan, tapi please berusaha untuk terus hidup sihat, kalau tak sayang diri sendiri tolong la sayang orang yang sayang korang....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Planet Marikh (planet terdekt dgn Bumi) telah mengalami pusingan terbalik pada bulan 9 yg lepas

Maklumat dari Ustaz Haron Din.Planet Marikh (planet terdekt dgn Bumi) telah mengalami pusingan terbalik pada bulan 9 yg lepas. Jadi, palnet yg berhampiran dgnnya juga kan mengalami kejadian yg sama. maka akn terjadi kejadian matahari terbit dari barat yg merupakan tanda2 besar kiamat lalu pintu taubat ditutup. kata para astronomi bumi hanya menunggu masa sahaja. Info ini x didedahkan secara meluas & telah dihenti oleh NASA kerana ia akan menguntungkan pihak Islam (Yakni kebenaran Al-Quran) Ambillah peringatan sama ada benar @ tidak & sejauh mana khabarnya. .Sama2 harap jgn tinggal solat & lepas Maghrib buat solat sunat taubat sblm terlmbat. Kita dah hampir kesitu. Sampaikn kpd semua umat Islam.

dapat lama dah,hmm aku rasa dah lama pasal ni. tah r, just in case ye, sampaikan apa yang perlu.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Put your trust in Allah s.w.t.

Just imagine a situation wherein you rescue your people from the enemy. Everyone is running for his life and the enemy is fast approaching you. Everyone’s heart has come to his throat, out of fear. And to everyone’s shock, there is a dead end. There are no escape routes now. The enemy gleefully is coming to attack you. Your own people lose hope and say, “We are sure to be overtaken”.

What would be your condition during this delicate situation of your life ??

Desperate !!! Dejected !!! And for most of us,our pants would have become wet if we were in such a situation.

This was the same situation in which Musa (alayhissalam) was, when he rescued Bani Israel from the Pharaoh. When they escaped from the Pharaoh, they reached the dead end of the Sea. At one was the Sea with its majestic waves and the other side was the Pharaoh’s army moving closer by every passing second. Musa’s people shouted “We are sure to be overtaken”.

But just read carefully, what was the statement of Musa (alayhissalam). He said, “By No means! My Lord is with me! Soon he will guide me!” – (26:62)

ALLAAHU AKBAR !!! What an exemplary example of belief in Allah !!!

If the Lord of Musa can save him from such a situation, wouldn’t he save you from your troubles/hardships ???
Put Ur Trust in ALLAH !!!

“Put your trust in Allah. Sufficient is Allah as a disposer of all affairs” – (33:2)


"Indeed, he is successful who purifies himself" - <>
Your Brother in Islaam
Fazal Mahamood. A

Ramadan....(by, Fazal)

Ramadaan is Coming!!! ......

Know that the life of this world is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting among you, and rivalry in respect of wealth and children. (It is) as the likeness of vegetation after rain, thereof the growth is pleasing to the tillers; afterwards it dries up and you see it turning yellow; then it becomes straw. But in the Hereafter (there is) a severe torment (for the disbelievers – evildoers), and (there is) forgiveness from Allâh and (His) Good Pleasure (for the believers – good-doers). And the life of this world is only a deceiving enjoyment.

Race with one another in hastening towards forgiveness from your Lord (Allâh), and Paradise the width whereof is as the width of the heaven and the earth, prepared for those who believe in Allâh and His Messengers. That is the Grace of Allâh which He bestows on whom He is pleased with. And Allâh is the Owner of Great Bounty.


Its a Race.... Lets see how much we gather Inshaa Allah. Esp. this Full of opportunities month of Ramadaan - each good deed Inshaa Allaah multiplied a minimum of 70 times - to a maximum of how much only Allah knows. This Full of Blessings month, let it not slip away..

may Allah make us among those Whom He forgives in this blessed month.
Yours Brother in Islaam
Fazal Mahamood A.


Hope this is not too late to those who need to visit the hospital .

Just something to keep in mind...........
This mail was actually forwarded by a nurse in the Critical Care Unit of a local private hospital. Just turn off our phone next time when you are in
the hospital. The person being affected may just be someone you love.
When you enter a hospital, do look out for signs that say,
You might not realize what unfortunate things can happen due to your negligence. Be considerate!
A 4 year-old girl was admitted due to leg fracture. As it was an open
fracture, she had to undergo an operation to stitch the protruding
bone back in place. The girl was hooked onto a life support system during
the operation. The doctors input data into the life support system
before she began the surgery. The operation went well until all in a sudden the
life support system went dead.
It was found out that an idiot was using his/her hand phone outside
the operation Theatre. The frequency had actually affected the system.
They tried to track the fellow but to no avail. The little girl, young and
innocent as she was, died soon after due to the failure of the life
support system.

Message : Be considerate... Do not use your hand phone at any hospital
or places where you're told not to use it. You might not be caught in
the act, but you might have killed someone without knowing it! Please
pass this on to as many people as possible!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

diclofenac sodium

diclofenac sodium
50mg tablet

wat senarai ubat kat blog. hahaha bagus tak?

hmm nak cari ubat apa ni, lupa aku. tahan sakit kot