Saturday, July 11, 2009

Put your trust in Allah s.w.t.

Just imagine a situation wherein you rescue your people from the enemy. Everyone is running for his life and the enemy is fast approaching you. Everyone’s heart has come to his throat, out of fear. And to everyone’s shock, there is a dead end. There are no escape routes now. The enemy gleefully is coming to attack you. Your own people lose hope and say, “We are sure to be overtaken”.

What would be your condition during this delicate situation of your life ??

Desperate !!! Dejected !!! And for most of us,our pants would have become wet if we were in such a situation.

This was the same situation in which Musa (alayhissalam) was, when he rescued Bani Israel from the Pharaoh. When they escaped from the Pharaoh, they reached the dead end of the Sea. At one was the Sea with its majestic waves and the other side was the Pharaoh’s army moving closer by every passing second. Musa’s people shouted “We are sure to be overtaken”.

But just read carefully, what was the statement of Musa (alayhissalam). He said, “By No means! My Lord is with me! Soon he will guide me!” – (26:62)

ALLAAHU AKBAR !!! What an exemplary example of belief in Allah !!!

If the Lord of Musa can save him from such a situation, wouldn’t he save you from your troubles/hardships ???
Put Ur Trust in ALLAH !!!

“Put your trust in Allah. Sufficient is Allah as a disposer of all affairs” – (33:2)


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