Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ramadan....(by, Fazal)

Ramadaan is Coming!!! ......

Know that the life of this world is only play and amusement, pomp and mutual boasting among you, and rivalry in respect of wealth and children. (It is) as the likeness of vegetation after rain, thereof the growth is pleasing to the tillers; afterwards it dries up and you see it turning yellow; then it becomes straw. But in the Hereafter (there is) a severe torment (for the disbelievers – evildoers), and (there is) forgiveness from Allâh and (His) Good Pleasure (for the believers – good-doers). And the life of this world is only a deceiving enjoyment.

Race with one another in hastening towards forgiveness from your Lord (Allâh), and Paradise the width whereof is as the width of the heaven and the earth, prepared for those who believe in Allâh and His Messengers. That is the Grace of Allâh which He bestows on whom He is pleased with. And Allâh is the Owner of Great Bounty.


Its a Race.... Lets see how much we gather Inshaa Allah. Esp. this Full of opportunities month of Ramadaan - each good deed Inshaa Allaah multiplied a minimum of 70 times - to a maximum of how much only Allah knows. This Full of Blessings month, let it not slip away..

may Allah make us among those Whom He forgives in this blessed month.
Yours Brother in Islaam
Fazal Mahamood A.

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