Sunday, June 14, 2009

lapar ke nafsu? huhuhu

I feel like eating something…

What to eat eh? Hmm something suitable to eat at night time.

Well, as long as it edible I wouldn’t mind.

What to choose? Chocolate, Ice-cream, maggi, nugget, hot dog, burger, porridge, or rice? Hmm high fat I wouldn’t mind, it can keep my body fat. Hahaha.

What have I decided after that?

Right now I’m tad of lazy bone so of course I cross all cook things out. What left? Porridge, chocolate and ice-cream.

Ok then I chose chocolate ice-cream. Yummy…

Hmm whatsoever, as long as it is chocolate ice-cream. I don’t care about the brand. Well actually I did care about the brand, but last week, there’s no choice left only Nestle and Walls. Most time I eat King, that’s my favorite ice-cream. But that day King was out of stock for chocolate chip ice-cream, only have cookies vanilla and chocolate rice vanilla flavour. I need to take Nestle then.

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