Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Chart Songs this month; April 2011

-about the picture*kaki dengar lagu*enjoy the songs!
tak tahu nak baca apa lagi. Semua blog aku dah baca, well at least blogs I followed lah. All songs downloaded. Should I list down all my favourite songs? Alang-alang dah boring tahap tenuk terlebih tido nih. Here is the list of my favourite songs:
Top in my chart goes to -
1 - Diddy & Skylar Grey - Coming home (my favourite part is when Skylar sings the chorus part)
Number 2 in my chart -
2 - Norsheila Amin - Aku sudah jatuh cinta (old song, I tried to find her song 'kad ucapan' but what came out in the list was this song so aku main download je, built up from pantun to music. Cayalah)
3 - The New Basshunter - Dota (I don't know the meanings of the lyric but the bass sounds fantastic. try it out!)
4 - The Calling - Wherever you will go (Evergreen song, meaningful, great song for me. Nice lyric - a very like me; setia/loyal hahaha-perasan nak mampus aku ni dan aku amat sedar diri)
5 - 30 seconds to Mars - Closer to the edge (part paling best - bila kata-kata semangat ada - I will never forget, I will never regret, I will live my live. And the words; honestly very catchy. termasuk la part 'can you imagine a time when the truth run free')
6 - Pink - Perfect - (best lagu ni - like the music and like the way I try to convince myself -'Pretty Pretty Please don't you ever feel you are less than perfect'-pretty ke aku ni/am I pretty?hehehe-kata-kata semangat untuk diri untuk jadi lebih positive!chaiyok!gambatane!keep fighting!)
7 - Norsheila Amin - Kad ucapan (old song jugalk, I heard it on radio and really love it. Sesuai mood aku time tu yg agak mellow nak dengar lagu lembut and syahdu hehehe. And then baru aku ingat Shahiran, kawan aku ada sebut pasal lagu ni ada dalam satu novel melayu but I forgot the title lah. Apa-apa pun I enjoyed this song)
8 - Bob and Hayley William - airplanes (everybody would love this song right? even my mother loves it!)
9 - jay Chou - Tian Tian De (sweetness) best sangat, got it from my blogger friend.
10 - Katy Perry - Firework(It has style; repetition and rhyme-sounds nice. after hurricane comes a rainbow', most time people use after the rain comes a rainbow-perumpamaan baru)

*new songs yang baru masuk list: -
- Justin bieber - never say never (just like the part when he said 'never say never and when Jaden Smith part. hehehe-Kijam [kejam] tul aku nih)
- Song Ji Eun - Crazy (korea song, just heard it on tv 30 minutes ago on KBS channel. I like the music and the tune so I google it as soon I switch on my lappy)

*lagu yang dah lama dalam carta aku dan dah agak boring -
1- Eminem - love the way you lie
2 - Shontelle - impossible
3 - avril lavigne - what the hell
4 - altimet - maafkan kami
5 - flo Rida - club can't handle me
6 - Taylor Swift - mine
7 - One republic - stop and stare
8 - Monica - angel of mine (old song, but evergreen. Try it out)

-nak belajar cara download lagu ke?
nanti aku ajar masa next entry ye...hehehe kacang ja itu.

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