Wednesday, August 19, 2009

gurau kasar la pulak aku ni

16 Aug. 09

I miss UKM so much. Today I went to UKM. It feels like ‘I’m home!’ so happy and carefree. When I saw all UKM students and the surrounding, it feels so great. I met wawa and ida there. I bought a bouquet of flower for Nik Suhairi. Nowadays I saw or heard sad stories everywhere. I felt so lucky because I got what I want, alhamdulillah, syukran ya Allah…

I met Azami or azmi? Sound like that, he now at UIA, before this he got USM or UPM for DPLI. Hehehe he ever said we can be a couple because we always meet each other without mean to. Before this, I met him at interview for KPLI and DPLI, we can animatedly chat. Today at UKM, hehehe. So he asked for my number. He promised me to treat me for drink sometimes when we met for first time at KPLI interview.

Make a joke with zuraimi, hahaha he asked me whether I in a good health? So, I sms him ‘salam. Dah arwah dah kwn awak tu. Petang tadi jenazah dia htr balik kampong. Kena hempap dengan payung besar kat ukm cz ujan td.’ I think after he read that msg he called me. Hahaha kena goreng loo. Hmm but nowadays I like to hear those things related to death like Far East- Menanti Di Barzakh. It is a very good song. I repeated it everyday everytime I switch on my laptop. I miss this song.

Forgot to say, my cousin sms me asking me about whether I have a boyfriend or not? Hahaha kak nuri try to make funny. Hmm actually, his brother-in-law try to be a matchmaker, he want to match me with his friend 30 years old, work in government sector at Putrajaya, JPP something like that short form. Well, I don’t really care about that, as long that man don’t smoke, that my rule. I don’t care if he only had Diplomas. Why he want to match me? Why not kak nuri? Hmm no wonder he always look at me when I went to my uncle's house, first I thought something weird in my face or my attitude, I wear shirt with my robotic hand style, that effects after operation lah. Hahaha. He ever asked me if I have a boyfriend. No wonder lah, I thought he didn’t believe me because I’m so cute. Hahaha just kidding. Like Dr. Suppiah said, hormone berkeliaran now. So bit of gatal lah kan.

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