Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I say a simple 'salaam' to someone(instead of 'hi'), I'm rewarded!

1. I smile at some one, I'm rewarded!
2.I say, 'sallallahualyhiwassalum' every time I hear the name of our Prophet, I'm rewarded ten times for each one time!
3. I pray in masjid, I'm 27 times rewarded.
4. If I could not go to masjid, I pray with my family members (not alone), I'm 27 times rewarded.

5. I teach my children good, I'm rewarded for all that I teach, all that they practise and for all who do the same looking at my kids!
6. I read a word of Qur'an, I get ten times reward for each letter of that word!
(How much reward if we read a few pages everyday?????)
7.I begin anything with 'Bismillah' that action (good ones) of mine is rewarded.
8. I were my pant above my ankle, I'm rewarded.
9. I get rewarded for all the insult I take for wearing my pants so!
(more the criticism, heavier my balance on the day of judgement!!!)
10. I grow beard, I get rewarded.
11. I wear abaya and my friends copy me, I get rewarded for myself and for what they do!
12.I delete mails concerning movies, film star, etc; I'm rewarded.
13.I 'think' of doing a good deed, I'm rewarded.
14. I do that good deed, I'm ten times rewarded!!!

15. I get sawab for all the bad, un-Islamic programmes I never see on TV.
16. I get rewarded for all the bad songs & music I never hear! (and just think how many songs are there 2day!)
17. I bother to read an Islamic message, I'm rewarded.
18. I bother to send such a msg, I'm rewarded.
19. I get rewarded for all the people I send it to! (hey all I do is 'click'!!!)
20.. I get Much more sawaab if I act according to the msg! (after confirming it's the truth)
21. If I bother to confirm, find out if it's authentic? I get rewarded!
22.What if other people act according to what I sent? I get rewarded for all good they get rewarded for (life time reward!!!!!!!!! )
23. And what if those people forward it to other people and it goes on? I keep getting reward for as long as it's circulated! (reward even after my death!!!)
24.Even if they just read and delete, I get rewarded!
25. I control my temper, I get rewarded.
26. I buy my kids chocolate, I get rewarded.
27. I buy a good Islamic cassette, I get rewarded.
28.We watch it together as a family, we get rewarded.
29.We act according to it, many, many times rewarded!!!!!!!!
30. I fear Allah and do not buy film CDs, I'm rewarded.

31.I do not go to Theatre, I'm rewarded.
32. I hold the glass with my right hand while drinking, I'm rewarded..
33.I go shopping dressed in Islamic way, I get rewarded.
34. I go to school/college/work in proper clothing (Islamic way), I get rewarded as many times as all the male/ female who do not cover themselves properly!!!!!!
35. I write this, I get rewarded.
36. You read this, you get rewarded.
37. You mail this to all, we all get rewarded!!!!!!!!!!

I have only mentioned little things think of all the sawab you will
(Insha Allah) get for praying, fasting, Hajj, preaching or spreading Islam

Subhanallah! Allhamdulillah! Allahuakbar! La-haula walaaquwwata illa billa!

May Allah make us all the winners of His Jannathul Firdous!


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