Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bila harus memilih....

Why we need to choose between two things that we really love or need? It always happens to me. Now it starts all over again. I need to choose my career prospect. Well, hmm better I try new one but I need to choose??? If I ask you, which opportunity you will choose? Of course you will say ‘something that already confirms it is yours’ right? Yeah, of course I agree with that one.

I got interview this coming Thursday for KPLI. Lot of my friends got KPLI interview. Well, lucky for us coz we took English literature as our course in university. Since government thinks that we don’t have enough English teachers, so it is our job to fill that job vacancies. Hahaha.

Unfortunately, for me at the very least (or even consider it as lucky too. hehehe) I got another offer. Well actually (secretly) for me, I consider it as a good offer (not a good one for my parents) to work abroad. Who wouldn’t? A very confirming job waiting for me out there but I need to consider the KPLI too. It is a government job so of course it always better for old parents like my parents for their only daughter work in government that reassure my life and also their worried of get-the-job-with-government hahahaha. They ask me to consider it…

Forgot to say earlier, I got offer to work in Yemen. Believe it or not? Believe it… contract for two year, teaching field (sort of lecturer post), I will be provided with ‘home’ to live, everyday-free-food, free from burden of water and electric bill too(kinda lazy girl to take care these chores) . And the last one but of course not least, I think this one is important to a crazy girl like me; car. hahaha. So would you reject this?

Furthermore, KPLI still out of my grip (not confirm I will get that job la) not over my control. Hmm so now I need to give my passport number to confirm it. O Allah, please bless me….

Need to write (type) resignation letter too.

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