Sunday, September 4, 2011

12 midnight...

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12 midnight...this is not a horror story ok but......tomorrow er well today actually. It is a work day...again? Being in raya mode for quite long make me lazy to work.

Sleep...sleep but my eyes is so stubborn to cooperate with my brain. They don't want to close the lids. Ergh.... now I keep counting...not the sheep but what I want to do tomorrow.

First, I want to go to Muda Osman bookstore, gonna use my voucher , don't want to waste it since it is hard to get more discount nowadays. huhuhu. Budget = Rm300

Second, I'm gonna buy toshiba external hard disk 1 terabyte. = Rm300

Burn RM600 here.....

I cannot cut the expense for books. It is essential for me. And for external hard disk, I need to buy it as a back up since my old HD has only a very little space left.

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