Friday, September 2, 2011

Just ignore this entry ok!

Everything's slow down in the blog page. Well, it is because of hari raya kan. I've been waiting to read another live story whenever I turn on my lappy. but Frustrated as I am now... nothing much I can see here.

Er, talk about others. How about me? hehehe so here I am, updating my own page. What am I doing today ye? Nothing much really...

I've been thinking to redecorate my room. But since my ayah told me he wanted to renovate the house, I don't think it is a right time to redecorate my room. Urgh, it's a mess now.

What I'm babbling about? Just ignore this nonsense talk. I just want to post something for today's entry actually, just to make it more alive because of the raya mode is still on us. Read between the lines, nobody on the line to post an entry though.

Still on the fulfilling the lack of space's hari raya as much as you can eat and wait until you vomit.

Why did this entry sounds like a poetry? (I'm on my perasan mode). I think it is because of novel Selamat Tinggal Ma Lee Chuswan.

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