Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bin Laden

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Bin Laden...
Isu yang masih belum habis. I read Bin Laden news in yahoo news yesterday. And I wonder until now, why hadn't anybody bother to correct that name- Bin Laden? His name is Osama, while his father's name is Laden, not Bin Laden. So, people must address him as 'Laden' instead of 'Bin Laden'. American or others should know about other cultures, so they would address people accordingly.
All Muslim/Islam male must have 'bin' to show that he is a male. While the female must put 'binti' then her father's name, for example: her first name is 'Shakira', her father's name 'Shahir'= it comes as 'Shakira binti Shahir'. If she has a brother named 'Shafiq', his full name is 'Shafiq bin Shahir'.
Simple explanation =
Shakira (female name) binti (to address a daughter of) Shahir
Shafiq (male name) bin(to address a son of) Shahir

It almost the same like Indian when they put the word 'a son/ daughter of' in the middle of that person's name and his/her father's name.

luckily I live in Malaysia that has many races and glad to know a lot of other cultures.

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