Saturday, June 18, 2011

Grumpy irritable on Sunday..

If you are grumpy, irritable or just plain mean...
I understand, it's sunday (at least for Kelatanese, Terengganu and Kedahan)

Huh, really feel lazzzzzzzzzyyyyyyy now. Tomorrow is Sunday, workday... am I gonna be one of grumpy, irritable person? not sure but for sure I'll be the blur-est person. hehehe.

Should sleep now... I have 'work' tomorrow. Urgh!!!!!!!!!! Next week, which is start tomorrow... get a visit from gov staff. Need to prepare a bunch of documents. Need to prepare slide show. Need to prepare presents. Need to talk a lot. Need to meet people. Need to do this and that. Need to go here and there. The 'M' sickness is back in, I need MC, er actually I need to ask it from doctor right!!!!

(Sorry, this is my trifle (not dessert OK!) blurb of feeling lazy.... again...)

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