Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Welcome June (motivation)!

Well, I'm welcoming June. June just arrived and I made a big decision early 1'st June morning. It is suit with my words for this blog

'Memandang jauh ke depan seolah-olah melihat masa depan. Padahal segalanya masih belum pasti. Segalanya ditanganku untuk menentukan keadaan diri aku. Sayang untuk aku melepaskan segala yang menyelesakan, tetapi sampai bilakah aku mampu begini. Selamanyakah aku ingin hidup yang menyelesakan tetapi merosakkan??? Segalanya akan ditentukan apabila mentari menjelma esok hari, apabila kaki sudah bersedia mengorak langkah, tika si waras akal sudah bersedia untuk berjuang..'

Now I'm ready to move into something big (not moving to big house, but how I wish to buy a big house using my own money hehehe)...
My life is really in my hands. I need to decide whether to change or let's others change. I need to decide what to do, no longer think to live in this comfort zone. I need to challenge myself to be a better person.

Long living in this comfort zone make me feel a bit nervous to move out from here (comfort zone). It is time to create and colour my life with bitterness. But, I really hope, wish, pray that I don't have to go through it. huhuhu.

Whatever it is, I need to fight now, to make my life better. And I know, along the way I have Allah s.w.t. with me.

I memorized these words. It motivates me until now and InsyaAllah forever..., I got this from my friend, she messaged me when I was in my first year at National University 6years ago:

If you have problem, don't you ever say 'Oh my God! I have a big problem.' Instead, you must say this 'Hey problem! I have a big God!'
these words will do, to all of us.

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